CBC Endurance Training Club

CBC is pleased to announce that, in addition to a coaching service, we are now an official USAT approved club. We are expanding our reach a little bit to include folks who love the swim, bike, run lifestyle but who do not want the rigid accountability of a day-to-day training schedule. Club membership encourages athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to train in an inclusive, no pressure, safe and fun environment surrounded by like minded people.

*Current and Updated USAT Membership is a pre requisite for Club Eligibility*

Club members enjoy:

  • USAT and ASCA Certified Coaches @ most workout sessions
  • No - Drop cycling road rides
  • Training Camps - (individual travel, lodging, food, miscellaneous expenses apply / TBD on group size/camp/location)
  • Discounts from sponsors
  • Teammate support at races
  • All workouts announced and managed by calendar (Members responsibility to stay up to date on workouts posted and rsvp attendance and it is CBC's discretion to cancel any group workout due to lack of attendance)
  • Social opportunities with fellow club members

Interested in finding out more? Just take a moment to fill out the form and submit. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

CBC Endurance Training Club Inquiry Form