"I finished!"

"I finished!!!!  It would not have been possible without my open water lessons with you two.  Thank you so much for your time, your advice and your patience.  It was still hard and I have a long way to go with my swimming technique but this is only the beginning for me.  You will see me at the quarry in April!  I am already looking forward to the 2016 season."    Erin.....1st time Triathlete Finisher

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Another Great day to swim!

"I'm grateful you are working to make open water swimming available to many.  Its been a great tool for me these last seasons to ready for races.  The open swim venue at Millbrook quarry  offered by CBC Endurance Training is a must for any triathlete of any experience.  From beginner athlete wishing to gain confidence in a safe monitored environment to the mid-to-advanced triathlete who needs repetition to work on form/endurance, swimming at Millbrook is a fantastic opportunity.  The water quality is great, and the course is setup in a realistic loop to enable sighting practice.  Open water swimming is a different experience to be practiced; Rob and Stephanie at CBC Endurance Training are great hosts to a great venue."     Chris H......Triathlete

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Core Boot Camp

The Core Boot Camp is great for anyone that is looking to improve their overall fitness.  It's also good  for Triathletes,  because many of the strength and agility drills are focused on improving the common weaknesses many triathletes face.  I especially like the Ultraslide for both aerobic and lateral training.  The core workouts and individualized instruction are excellent.

I also worked with Stephanie and Rob on my swimming, which took me from barely being able to swim 50 meters, to swimming in my first sprint triathlon, in three weeks.  In the following six months, I became a confident swimmer based on  their coaching in both the pool and their open water swim venue.  I am amazed at what I have seen them accomplish with many beginning swimmers.   Julie R......Oak Hill
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"A year before I started swimming........

A year before I started swimming with Rob and Stephanie, I didn't even know how to swim with my head in the water.  I took basic swim lessons through my gym and then graduated to their class.  At that point I was still struggling to swim continuous laps.  I knew I wanted to be a lot faster.  Under their tutelage, my technique improved which in turn improved my time.  After about six months of coaching, I had shaved more than 20 seconds off my 100m time.

As my swim times improved, it motivated me to sign up for my first sprint triathlon.  I trained with Stephanie for two months, prior to this event, which I found to be very challenging as well as motivating, in a good way!  As much as I dreaded some of those workouts, the accountability worked to keep me on track.  And I was amazed when I finished the race, placed third in my category!

Heather E.....Ashburn
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Colburn Body Concepts Boot Camp

Big thanks to Colburn Body Concepts!  Stephanie and Rob are great instructors.  I recently had back discomfort partly due to tight hamstrings.  Today I had a follow up bike fit and my flexibility has increased significantly, especially in my hamstrings. During each boot camp session, Stephanie and Rob clearly explained the stretches and exercises that would facilitate forward progress with my hamstring issues.  In addition, they taught me exercises during the boot camp to strengthen my core and back to prevent future back issues.  Now I have zero back issues with better flexibility for an improved bike fit!

The Colburn Body Concept Boot Camp is a fun integrated mix of slide board skating for an aerobic workout, core strength work, and stretching.  Team Colburn have the background and positive attitude that makes their slide board boot camp the perfect class after a long Monday at work.

Rob and Stephanie provide a wealth of knowledge by explaining how each exercise or stretch supports improvement in multiple sports such as cycling, running, or swimming.  During workouts, they are very patient to ensure a newbie like me learns and maintains the proper form for the myriad of exercises covered during a session.

The boot camp provides the following not found at large gym classes:

  • · The class sizes are small ensuring individualized attention to answer questions and improve technique or form.

  • · The music is great!  Its upbeat, covers many genres, and is absolutely not what you will hear on the local rock or pop music stations…a nice change and very energizing.

  • · Monday night sessions, the perfect way to end a long first day back to work.  Plus, they begin the class late enough so there are not problems making it to class after a long commute.

  • · The wealth of information I gain from the group is amazing and covers everything from race day nutrition for different sporting events to gym exercise routines.

Boot Camp is fun and a wealth of knowledge thanks to Stephanie and Rob.  For the small fee, it is a steal compared to private personal training sessions at the large gyms.

Rob B....Leesburg

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