Different way of Thinking!

"A" list keynote speakers and endurance world experts had plenty of surprises  in store for attendees at the second annual "Richmond Endurance Symposium" we attended January 24th.

Ironman champion Andy Potts talked about establishing a strong Mind, Body Spirit connection in your approach toward Multi-Sport and life in general.  He even spoke about....gasp....trying new things on race day!

USAT nutritionist Bob Seebohar gave a strong presentation about a fueling approach that is bound to cause controversy.  His Metabolic Efficiency Theory is based on teaching the body how to utilize the enormous reserves of fat stored in the human body as a main source of energy.  He thinks endurance athletes are better off reducing carbohydrate intake.  CRAZY, right?

The medical and PT folks made presentations that re-enforce some of the things we've been doing here at Colburn Endurance Training, but also offered some new, surprising takes on strength training, functional exercises and rest.

We also were treated to a private core, hip strength workout with Andy Potts, who agreed with us about early season hip and core strength attention to build a solid foundation for the up coming season...which by the way is right around the corner.

We will be back over the next few weeks with more details about the fun, different and new ways to approach our sport!!


For more reading on Metabolic Efficiency Training check out this article (copy/paste into browser)


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