New Cave Discovered in Leesburg

CBC Endurance Training is pleased to announce a new alliance with Plum Grove Cyclery.  Located in the heart of Leesburg at 120C East Market St, Plum Grove has been building, fitting and servicing bikes in the community since 2000.  They work with brand new bike enthusiasts to mountain bikers to Ironman Triathletes.

Our first venture, kicking off January 14, 2017 is "The Pain Cave," a demanding triathlon centered indoor bike trainer class.  Running anywhere from 90 minutes to a grueling three hours, these are early season sessions designed to jump start fitness by combining power, endurance and intensity.  CBC Club members are urged to attend; all you need is your bike, shoes, trainer and a towel.  You will certainly need on to mop up the sweat!

Tom and Mike at Plum Grove have offered a spacious heated workout room, featuring a restroom, changing room and even some lockers for our use.  Best of all, it's all in a Bike Shop!  A full service bike shop featuring parts, repairs and a ton of advice from two of the best "bike guys" in Northern Virginia.

We can hardly wait to get started!  How about you?  

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