To Slack or Not to Slack

Let's face it, most of us are not professional triathletes or even at the elite level.  Training everyday gets tedious at best and sometimes you just need to be a slacker.  We are "only" human after all.  Couch time is good in moderation.  

At CBC Endurance Training, we recognize the need to take "slacker breaks" sometimes.  It feels good to sleep in once in a while and that extra piece of pie or frosty beverage tastes extra good.  A good way to approach the down season is to acknowledge that every workout is not an "A" session this time of the year.  If your body is telling you "I need a day off," go ahead and take a rest day.

A great way to keep sharp at this time of year is to double down on your weakest sport and rededicate yourself to get better.  Swim volume can help build a base for early season, as can coached sessions correcting form and improving efficiency.  

Attention to strength and core work can lay a great foundation for a strong and injury free spring and summer.  You don't need to invest giant chunks of your time either.  Forty-five to ninety minutes a week spent improving your weakest sport or building overal triathlon strength will certainly pay big dividends when the "real" training starts later this winter.  

In the meantime, enjoy the occasional "hooky" day.

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