As a CBC Club member, we try to foster a welcoming, tolerant, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Our athletes compete fairly and cleanly. We show fellow competitors and race officials respect.

We follow “the rules of the road” to the letter, whether we are road riding, swimming or running. CBC Endurance Training has developed a family – type environment over the years. Knowledge and support is passed freely from veteran athletes to newer ones. We always look out for each other and strive to bring out the best in everyone.

Honor, respect, hard work and fun is the goal!

We strongly encourage all club members to also respect this mission statement. As a Club member participating in local races, community services or social events, we ask that the integrity of our Club, “CBC Endurance Training” is up held with our “Code of Ethics”.

We also ask that all sponsor “Discount Codes” are not given to anyone outside of our Club. These are special discounts specifically given to us as a special perk and “ONLY” members are permitted to take advantage of these discounts. Please pay all Club Fees when due and maintain your USAT Annual Membership. If you lasp this membership then the membership to the Club will be discontinued. Thank you for your understanding.

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